226/16 Two persons charged with Money Laundering offences

36yr old Gerard Asquez and 31yr old Charlene Asquez, both of Somerset Court, Laguna Estate, have been charged with Money Laundering offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act:

1) Gerard Asquez: One count of “Concealing or transferring the proceeds of Criminal Conduct.”
2) Charlene Asquez: One count of “Assisting another to retain the benefit of Criminal Conduct.”

Both charges relate to an ongoing investigation conducted by Detectives from the Money Laundering Investigation Unit following the arrest of Gerard Asquez for drugs-related offences in August of this year. The sum of money involved in this case is of approximately £50,000.00.

Gerard ASQUEZ was additionally charged with the Possession and Possession with Intent to Supply to another or others a controlled “Class A” Drug, namely a preparation containing cocaine weighing 6.45grms, and with a street value of approximately £300.00. The drugs charges relate to an incident in August of this year, when Asquez was challenged by uniformed officers whilst in his vehicle.

Both are due to appear before the Magistrates’ Court at 1000hrs today.

225/16 Presentation of cheques to charities

Commissioner of Police Eddie Yome, on behalf of the RGP Charity Committee, and in the presence of His Excellency the Governor Lt Gen Edward Davis, and the Hon Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, presented cheques totalling £13,520.00 to representatives of several charities at a reception held earlier today:

  • Calpe House
  • Gibraltar Community Association
  • GBC Open Day
  • Gibraltar Alzheimer’s and Dementia Society
  • Cancer Relief Gibraltar
  • Prostate Cancer Support Group Gibraltar
  • Baby STEPPS (Support Through Early Parenthood & Pregnancies) Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Gibraltar Sea Scouts Band
  • Alexander Goodwin

The monies presented yesterday were raised during various events held throughout the year, including deductions from staff salaries, Summer & Mid-Term camps for children, cycling marathon and the annual Mini-Olympiad.


Commissioner Yome said: “I’m delighted that we’re able to assist these truly deserving charities through the efforts of our staff and the generosity of sponsors and wider community who are always supportive of our efforts. Yesterday’s donations are in addition to other events supported by our officers and support staff throughout the year, such as the Family Fun-Day in aid of “Stay Clean” and awareness days for Mental Health, Autism and Prostate Cancer amongst many others, where staff organise their own collections and donate directly to these worthy causes. We truly are a giving community.”

224/16 Annual Staff Performance Awards - 2016

At a reception held earlier today at the International Police Association (IPA) club, Commissioner of Police Eddie YOME, in the presence of His Excellency the Governor Lt General Edward Davis, and the Hon Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, presented the traditional annual staff awards following a process of nominations received from peers and management alike:

The Gavin CLINTON Constable of the Year Award

This year’s recipient of the award is Detective Constable Jason OTON. DC OTON joined the service in the year 2000 and after serving in the Operations Division, transferred to the Crime & Protective Services Division to serve within the High Tech Crime Unit (HTCU).

Over the past 14 years, DC OTON has undertaken extensive specialist training and amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of computer forensics, becoming a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE). His forensic work on computers and other device types has seen him support the entirety of RGP specialist investigations (inc Child Pornography, Economic Crime and other complex enquiries) as well those involving other local agencies and international law enforcement counterparts. His performance and expertise has been recognised at an international level, with DC Oton invited in 2015 by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) to teach at a Basic Computer Forensic Examiner’s Course in Florida, USA. His work with IACIS also sees him act as an IACIS “Peer-Review” coach for students undertaking the “certification” process that follows their basic forensic examiner course.   

More recently, in April 2016, DC OTON was commended by the US Department of Homeland Security after one of his meticulous forensic examinations during a Gibraltar investigation identified a US-based Skype user suspected of exchanging Child Exploitation material. This individual had subsequently been charged in the USA regarding the production of child exploitation material with at least four minors and the possession of hundreds of videos depicting child sexual exploitation.

Support Staff - Employee of the Year Award

Mrs Gillaine Porro, a HM Government of Gibraltar Civil Servant who has served with the RGP for over 10 years, and currently an Administrative Officer within the RGP Finance Section, is the recipient of this year’s award. Gillaine received nominations from peers and management alike for her “exemplary work ethic, reliability and dedication, often assuming responsibility beyond her role.” She is also described as “a great team player with a can-do and flexible attitude, who is a very worthy recipient of this award.”

Trainee of the Year Award

Police Trainee Brandon Docherty is the third recipient of this annual award, given to participants of the Police Trainee Scheme for 16-18yr olds. Trainee Docherty has demonstrated continued high standards of general comportment, positive aptitude, drive and determination, whilst also exhibiting a strong work ethic during his traineeship with the RGP, which began in 2015. Trainee Docherty can now look forward with confidence to achieving his ambition of qualifying and serving as a Police Constable with the RGP in 2017.

223/16 Drugs Charges

21yr old Nigel DAVIS, of Castle Ramp, has been charged with the following drugs-related offences:

  • Possession of a Controlled Drug, namely 594.02 grams of Cannabis Resin
  • Possession of a Controlled Drug with intent to supply to another or others, namely, 594.02 grams of Cannabis Resin
  • Possession of a Controlled Drug, namely, 28.38 grams of Herbal Cannabis

The charges follow his arrest in October of this year, when Drug Squad officers conducted a search of his residence and seized the said drugs together with paraphernalia associated with the supply of illicit drugs.

Davis appeared before the Magistrates’ Court this morning, and the matter has been adjourned until the 28th February 2017. 

The street value of the drugs seized in this case is of approximately £3100.00