As previously reported, the RGP launched an investigation following the actions taken by senior military officers that precipitated the events of the 8th February 2017 at the airport, which also resulted in lengthy delays for traffic and pedestrians. Pursuant to this investigation, on the 1st March 2017 the RGP arrested three senior military officers currently deployed to British Forces Gibraltar. All three were subsequently granted bail whilst investigations continued.

These investigations have revealed that the actions taken by the three military officers were due to a misconception about jurisdiction which they had received from superiors in their chain of command.  In view of that, the three officers have written to the Commissioner of Police apologising for their actions and expressing their regrets, including for the disruption caused to the public on the day. On the basis of all the information now at the RGP’s disposal, and in close consultation with the Office of the Attorney General, it has been determined by the Commissioner, in his discretion, that no further action is required. As a consequence all three senior military officers have been recalled from their bail and released from arrest with no charges being proffered against them.

The RGP wishes to reiterate the excellent working relationship that it has always enjoyed with the MOD in Gibraltar and is confident that the events of the last weeks will serve as a platform to grow an even better understanding between our respective organisations and to build an even stronger and mutually respectful and beneficial future together.