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Please support Public Health Gibraltar advice, avoid attending our public counters. You can contact us through this website or by calling 20072500 (199 for emergencies).

Wayne Tunbridge

Superintendent Operations

Wayne Tunbridge joined the police service in January 1997. During the first decade of his career he served in front line policing and in the CID. He was also a member of the Tactical Firearms Unit. He ascended the ranks, carrying out Inspector duties within Operations, Neighbourhood Policing and CID. In 2013 he assumed the role of Executive Co-ordinator of the Gibraltar Co-ordinating Centre for Criminal Intelligence and Drugs with responsibility for the Gibraltar Financial Intelligence Unit and Interpol. He assumed the roles of Chief Inspector Operations and Detective Chief Inspector Crime in 2014 & 2015 respectively.  In 2014 he qualified as a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), undertaking the training with Greater Manchester Police.  In May 2018 he was promoted to Superintendent, remaining in the Crime Division, then moving to Superintendent Operations in January 2019.

Mr Tunbridge obtained a Chartered Management Institute Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership in 2010. In his free time he enjoys walking, travelling and anything to do with rugby.