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Conspiracy to Defraud

Thomas John Cornelio, John Christopher Perez and Caine Derek Sanchez were charged today with conspiracy to defraud Bland Limited, contrary to common law. It is alleged that the defendants dishonestly undermined the ability of Bland Limited to perform its contractual agreement with HM Government of Gibraltar in connection with the National Security Central Intelligence System maintenance agreement and thereby attempted to obtain the benefit of that agreement for themselves and/or 36 North Limited.


In addition to the conspiracy to defraud charge, Thomas Cornelio was charged with 14 computer misuse related offences as follows:


1. Unauthorised Access to Computer Material - Contrary to Section 362 of the Crimes Act 2011 (3 counts). 


2. Unauthorised acts with intent to impair, or with recklessness as to impairing, operation of computer etc – Contrary to section 364(1) of the Crimes Act 2011 (3 counts).


3. Unauthorised acts causing, or creating risk of serious damage – Contrary to section 366A.(1) of the Crimes Act 2011  (8 counts) 


In addition to the conspiracy to defraud charge, Caine Sanchez  was  also charged with one count of Misconduct in Public Office and one count of Aiding and Abetting Unauthorised Access to Computer Material – contrary to s.368(1) of the Crimes Act 2011 as read with s.362 of the Crimes Act 2011.


The matter relates to conduct in 2018 and 2019, which resulted in a criminal complaint being made by both Bland Ltd and Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar which led to a long and complex investigation conducted by the Royal Gibraltar Police with assistance from the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit at the National Crime Agency.   


All men have been released on police bail and will appear before the Magistrates’ Court tomorrow at 1000hrs.