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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Crime Scene Investigators (CSI)

Crime Scene Investigators examine crime scenes to gather forensic evidence that will ultimately lead to the detection and prosecution of criminals. The use of forensic analysis and specialist procedures and techniques enable them to provide evidence to:

  • Prove that a crime has been committed
  • Exclude a suspect from a scene
  • Link a suspect with a scene
  • Establish the identity of a victim, suspect or witness
  • Corroborate or disprove witness accounts
  • Interpret the scene in relation to movements within the scene and sequences of events
  • Link crime scene to crime scene and provide intelligence on crime patterns.

Our Crime Scene Investigators deal with both volume crime such as criminal damage, assaults, burglaries and major crime such as suspicious deaths, murders, rape, arson, aggravated assaults, to name but a few. They also work with external agencies requiring their assistance such as HM Customs, Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service, the Environmental Agency, pathologists and forensic scientists.