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*  Please do not report crimes on our social media pages. Call 20072500 or via  * 

Report a Road Traffic Collision

Report a Road Traffic Collision

Step 1

Please read this section before you continue

If someone has been killed or seriously injured do not report your RTC here. Dial 199 immediately.
Please only report RTCs that have occurred in Gibraltar.

Only submit an RTC report that requires police assistance.
You can submit your report by using our online reporting tool.
In order to complete and submit an online RTC report you will need to provide a valid email address.
Please ensure you complete an European Accident Statement Form and submit to your insurer.

Exclamation Icon Is it an emergency?

Does it feel like the situation could get heated or violent very soon?

Is someone in immediate danger?

Do you need support right away?

If so, please call 199 now.