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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

The PPU now comprises four small teams who focus on:

Domestic Abuse

Victim Support


Designated Risk Management


Members of the Domestic Abuse Team have each undertaken the training to make them Domestic Abuse Champions and they are responsible for undertaking investigation duties to identify the perpetrators of Domestic Abuse and to ensure that any evidence obtained is appropriately recorded, secured and preserved.


The Victim Support Team is the main point of contact for victims and witnesses, providing advice and guidance and support as a case progresses. In this way, it is hoped that victims and witnesses will have the confidence to attend court and give their best evidence.


Children and vulnerable adults may need specialist support and this is provided by the Safeguarding Team, whose members are specially trained in undertaking investigations into child (and vulnerable adult) abuse and any associated offences.  As with the other PPU teams, this support is provided to victims regardless of their gender, race, religion, disabilities or sexual orientation.


The fourth element in the PPU is that of the Designated Risk Management Team whose primary purpose is the risk management of sex offenders within our community and of those that move into our community, the aim being to reduce the risk of such individuals re-offending and keeping the public safe.