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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Recruitment, Training and Performance

The Royal Gibraltar Police Recruitment, Training and Performance department are responsible for the development and continued learning of the entire Police Service.

The primary functions of the department are as follows:

  • Recruitment & Selection of new constables
  • Recruit Training Programme
  • Probationer Management
  • Interpretation of legislation and development of appropriate learning packages
  • Management of promotion examinations
  • Delivery of in-house training as required, including regular service-wide Training Days
  • Organisation of external training for RGP officers with external training experts
  • Organisation of external training for other GoG departments and agencies as required
  • Support to other internal, role specific, training instructors

We work very hard during the selection process to choose candidates who share our values; applicants who are honest and demonstrate integrity; people who abide by a moral code and understand the importance of our ethics. As in any process, selecting the highest quality raw materials will only get you so far, the finished product depends how you shape those materials; in this case it is about how we teach recruits to apply what they learn.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality training in order to best prepare recruit police constables for the challenges that they will meet as uniformed patrol officers. After a rigorous selection process and selection of the best candidates, our job in the Recruitment, Training and Performance Department is to turn eager recruits into competent, capable and confident police constables.

Recruit training takes place at the beginning of an officer’s career and forms only a fraction of the learning they will require throughout their entire career. The Recruitment, Training and Performance Department is solely responsible for the training and re-training of serving officers in all work related training, including various new or evolved fields of Policing. We are committed to delivering the highest quality training throughout the career of all our officers.