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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Counter Terrorism Awareness Training


ACT Awareness – eLearning

ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) Awareness E-Learning is a counter terrorism product designed for all UK based companies/organisations, and has now also been extended to Gibraltar. The product aims to protect buildings, business areas and their surrounding neighbourhoods from the threat of terrorism.

Free to use, the course can be divided into short sections, however, it takes just 45 minutes in total to complete – 45 minutes that could save lives.

The digital format is proving popular with shopping, entertainment and sports venues with more companies applying to take part every day. If you’re a member of the general public or from a major organisation, you can access the course here


See, Check and Notify (SCaN) for All Staff

See – understand what hostile reconnaissance is and how to spot it

Check – know what to do if you suspect hostile reconnaissance or identify suspicious activity

Notify – who you should tell and what should you tell them

Created by the CPNI and the National Project Servator Team, the See, Check and Notify (SCaN) for All Staff awareness film, is available to all members of staff working at an organisation, venue or event. The film covers topics on what hostile reconnaissance is, what suspicious activity looks like and how to spot it, what you can do to engage with visitors and what you should do if you see something that does not feel right.

The film is available to view as an individual, or as a group using a facilitator (your organisation may already have a security manager, or trainer/instructor and you may prefer to deliver this session as a group), in a 30 minute or 60 minute interactive session. For the group session with a facilitator, there is an awareness pack you can download that provides notes, guidance and suggested questions to the group to aid discussion.


The film covers four main areas:


1.    Hostile reconnaissance – What is it?

2.    See – What does suspicious activity look like?

3.    Check – The power of hello

4.    Notify – What to report and who to


Click here to get started with SCaN for All Staff




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