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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Reporting Possible Terrorist Activity

If you've seen or heard something that could suggest a terrorist threat to Gibraltar, or indeed anywhere else, even if it seems minor or not worth mentioning, please report it. It’s always better to be safe by reporting any suspicious; your information could save a life.

If you are suspicious of something that could identify a terrorist threat in Gibraltar or indeed anywhere else, REPORT ONLINE using our quick and confidential reporting tool. If you have come across a website or online content (including emails, forums or social media) that you feel is of a violent extremist or terrorist nature, please REPORT ONLINE.

Specialist Officers will assess your information and, where appropriate, investigate the website and work with partners to remove it. Even if you are unsure of your suspicions or something appears trivial, please let us know so that specially trained Officers can look into it.  If you suspect immediate danger, whether as a result of suspicious behaviour, a package or a vehicle, move away from the location and call 999.

In an event of an emergency or if you believe anyone is in immediate danger, remember to always call 999.

Can anyone find out that I contacted the Police?

Not if you don’t want them to. Any information provided is treated in the strictest of confidence. If we do need to get in touch for any reason we will be extremely discreet.

Can I remain anonymous?

Anyone providing information is asked to provide their name and contact details, but you are free to decline to do so. We ask for contact details as this can help verify the authenticity of information received, and if necessary, support you as soon as possible should we need to do so.

What if the information I give is wrong?

That’s okay. If you have a genuine concern about something you’ve seen or heard, we’d much rather you tell us than keep it to yourself. That way, our specially trained officers can look into it. If it turns out to be nothing, that’s good news.