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Safety on Social Networks

Social Media

  • Most of us use social media! In fact, you may even be reading this on one of the many sites out there. It’s a great communication tool that’s really revolutionised the way we connect with people. There are also some BIG risks too but these can be minimised by following a few simple pieces of advice, and although you can find some of the key points below, it’s worth doing your own research too....

Protect Your Privacy

  • Protect your personal information whether that is on the Internet or when you are using social networks. Privacy settings are important so make sure you and your children are using them.

Social networking has given us some exciting new ways of communicating with large numbers of people across the globe. We can access the sites from smartphones and tablet devices and don’t need to rely on traditional computers. This means social networks, blog sites, and chatrooms allow us to remotely contact people. Many of these people we don’t know and often we have no way of checking they are who they say they are.


  • Make sure you use privacy settings on social networks. If you don’t know people don’t let them see your private information.
  • Make sure you use strong passwords that are updated regularly as it will reduce the likelihood of people being able to hack into your account
  • Never click on links that look odd or you don’t trust as it could be hackers trying to access your account or expose you to other risks such as viruses or Trojans
  • Don’t send personal data across social networks and remember if you post that you are on holiday they could trace your home
  • Don’t send private or intimate photographs of yourself as people may use them against you
  • Never post anything that you wouldn’t be happy for close family, friends or your employer to see

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