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£600 Fine for Gibraltar’s First E-Scooter DUI


A man has been fined £600 after being caught riding an E-Scooter whilst over the drink drive limit.


William Parker, 37, resident in the South District, was sentenced at the Magistrates’ Court today (Friday 15 September) – and is the first person in Gibraltar to be sentenced for a drink driving offence on an E-Scooter.


He pleaded guilty to Driving a PLET (Personal Light Electric Transporter) with Alcohol Concentration over Prescribed Limit (£600), Carrying a Pillion Passenger (£300) and No Headgear (£100) – resulting in a total of £1,000 in fines.


He had hired the E-Scooter from Hoppy.


The court heard that at around 5am on Saturday 9 September, officers were patrolling Rosia Road, when they spotted Parker on an E-Scooter. He was not wearing a helmet and was carrying a passenger at the time.


Response Team officers stopped him and then noticed that his eyes were glazed and that he smelt of alcoholic drink.


After admitting that he had been drinking alcohol, he then blew 56ug on a roadside breath test – the legal limit is 35ug.


Parker was arrested and taken to New Mole House, where he later blew 56ug on the evidential breath test machine.