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A Busy Weekend for the RGP


It’s been a busy Bank Holiday Weekend for the Royal Gibraltar Police.


Response Team officers made a number of arrests for offences including Dangerous Driving, Drink Driving, Disorderly Conduct Whilst Intoxicated, Grievous Bodily Harm and Carrying Offensive Weapons.


In total, 22 people were processed through the Custody Suite for a variety of offences.


Here are just a handful of the incidents officers dealt with since Friday evening.


0700 26 Aug to 0700 27 Aug


At 1555, a man, 39, resident in the UK, was arrested on suspicion of Careless Driving and Driving without Insurance. It followed an incident on Queensway at 1450 earlier that afternoon, where the suspect had allegedly started turning into a road without indicating. A motorcycle, which was attempting to overtake at the time, then collided with the vehicle. Minor damage was caused to both vehicles and the motorcyclist sustained minor injuries. Enquiries are ongoing.


At 1915, a fishing vessel reported to the police Control Room that they could see two persons swimming in a northerly direction about two miles east of the Lighthouse at Europa Point. HM Customs Marine Officers were dispatched to the area. On arrival, two male juveniles were found in distress within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters. They were rescued and taken to HM Custom’s Marine Base where they were attended to by Ambulance staff. These two individuals, aged 16 and 17, believed to be from Morocco, were deemed fit to remain in police custody and were subsequently arrested by RGP officers for being Non Gibraltarians in Gibraltar without a valid permit and conveyed to New Mole House Police station.


At 2320, police received a report of an intoxicated man being aggressive and knocking over tables and chairs at a bar in Ocean Village. On police arrival, security staff had detained the man. He then began shouting abuse at officers. A local man, 22, was then arrested for Disorderly Conduct whilst Intoxicated.


At 0107, officers were patrolling Eastern Beach Car Park, when their attention was drawn to a car playing loud music. On approaching the vehicle, officers noticed one of the four occupants acting in a suspicious manner, who placed something in his back pocket. After confronting the local male, 26, he handed over a piece of cannabis to the officers. He was then arrested on suspicion of Possession of a Controlled Class B Drug.


0700 27 Aug to Sun 28 Aug


At 0642, a report was made by HM Customs at the frontier that a drunk female had urinated within the public area of the HM Customs building and was being abusive towards customs officers. On police arrival, she continued using abusive language and acting disorderly towards officers. She was asked to clean up where she had urinated but refused. The woman, 38, was then arrested by RGP officers for Disorderly Conduct whilst Intoxicated.

At 0150, a local man, 30, was arrested on suspicion of Grievous Bodily Harm / Wounding with Intent. His arrest happened after officers were conducting a foot patrol of Ocean Village just after 0145, when they saw persons arguing outside the area of the Bahia Bar. As officers approached, the suspect appeared to punch another male in the face, who then fell to the floor and suffered facial injuries. The man was then arrested. 


0700 28 to 0700 29 August


At 1305, an off duty police officer witnessed a male on a motorcycle performing a wheelie and travelling at speed north along Sir Herbert Miles Road by Both Worlds. At 1330, uniformed officers located the rider of the motorcycle, who admitted to the offence. He was then reported for Dangerous Driving and other traffic offences.


At 1400, officers attended a residence in the centre of town, after receiving a report of a female screaming for police. On police arrival, a local woman alleged that she and another family member had been assaulted by her ex-partner. In relation to the incident, a local man, 64, was arrested on suspicion of two counts of Common Assault at the residence.


At 1730, police received a report from a local woman that earlier that afternoon in the South District, she had a verbal argument with her ex-partner, during which he allegedly pulled out a screwdriver and brandished it at her in a threatening manner. At 2105, in relation to the incident, a local man, 35, was arrested on suspicion of Carrying an Offensive Weapon in a Public Place and two outstanding warrants of arrest, for Failing to Pay a Fine and Failing to Appear at the Magistrates’ Court. 


At 0210, a local male juvenile, 17, was arrested at New Mole House on suspicion of being Knowingly Concerned in the Exportation of a Commercial Quantity of Cigarettes and Knowingly Concerned in the Exportation of a Commercial Quantity of Cigarettes.


0700 29 Aug to 0700 30 Aug


At 1248, police received a report from a restaurant on Main Street that someone had broken into the premises at sometime between 1500 on the 26 August and 1245 today. Approximately £500 was taken and there was damage to a door, which was forced open. Police are investigating.


At 1922, a member of the public reported to the police that she had seen a local car driving at excessive speed north on Dudley Ward Way tunnel at around 1915 that evening, which caused her to fear for her safety. She is providing police with a statement and officers are investigating the incident.


At 2130, police received a report from a member of the public that a local car had been involved in a Road Traffic Collision on Corral Road. On police arrival, the car was no longer at location, but officers spotted the vehicle in question driving onto Smith Dorrien Avenue. The vehicle was struggling to drive correctly, going slowly and side to side, and there was a loud mechanical noise coming from it. The car was stopped and on speaking to the driver, officers noted his speech was slurred and his breath smelled of alcoholic drink. A roadside breath test was conducted and he blew 84ug – the legal limit is 35ug. A local man, 39, was then arrested on suspicion of Driving with Alcohol Concentration over Limit. He was then further arrested at New Mole House for three warrants of arrest for Non-Payment of Fines. 



At 0315, police received a report of teenagers using nitrous oxide canisters in the area of Glacis Estate. Officers conducted a search of the area but no persons were present. They then discovered a box containing 19 such canisters and a device for consuming them. Enquiries are ongoing.


An RGP spokesman, said: “Our officers were kept busy dealing with a number of incidents over the Bank Holiday weekend.


“We’d like to thank them for their hard work, commitment and professionalism, which helps to keep Gibraltar as safe place for everyone to live.


“We’d also like to thank members of the public for contacting us in relation to the drink driving and dangerous driving incidents – as these offences are now being dealt with.”