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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

A False Alarm at Rosia Bay


Following a call to their Control Room just before 10am, the RGP declared an emergency incident at Rosia Bay this morning.


The caller, who did not give their name, told officers there was a “suspicious box with wires” floating in the water.


Police officers immediately deployed to Rosia Bay and asked for a few fishermen to leave the jetty before closing off the area to the public.


HM Custom’s boat Seeker was also dispatched to the area to prevent any vessels from entering the Bay.


At the same time, officers in the Control Room alerted the Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s Bomb Disposal Team, the Ambulance Service, Gibraltar Fire and Rescue and the Royal Navy.


The Navy’s divers then entered the bay and removed the object onto dry land, where it was declared safe. The object, which is thought to be an old boiler, had a large number of wires attached to it.


Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger said: “I’d like to thank all the services involved for their quick response and great team work during the incident this morning.


“This is a good example of how we can all put into practice the procedures for when dealing with a real incident of this nature.”