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A Nice Surprise for Cancer Relief Gibraltar


A Gibraltar charity got a nice surprise this morning after receiving a £150 donation at New Mole House Police Station.

The money was donated to Cancer Relief Gibraltar by staff and officers working in the RGP on behalf of staff member Yolanda Ward, whose husband Leslie Ward died of pancreatic cancer on March 14th.

Instead of flowers, Yolanda asked work colleagues to donate money to the Cancer Relief Fundraising Team.

Yolanda, who has worked at NMH for six years as a cleaner, said: “I thought it was better to donate the money, rather than to spend it on flowers, as 

the charity gave us a lot of support.

“It’s good to know the money is going to a good cause.”

The cheque was handed to Yvette Gomez, from the Cancer Relief Fundraising Team, by the RGP’s Senior Executive Officer Darrien Ramos.