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A Tour of New Mole House


It was somewhat noisier than usual in New Mole House this morning -- as PC Steve Peach was busy giving 15 youngsters a tour of the police station!

The children, who are aged between four and ten and accompanied by family members (including ex-PC 56 Moses Benggio), visited the Control Room and the Traffic Compound 

Sgt Calum Bruce was also on hand to show them the Custody Suite and inside the cells.

An RGP spokesman, said: “We hope they had a great time at the police station today. Visits like this are great for introducing our police officers to children from a young age.

“It’s so important for young children to see our officers in a positive light, as people who are here to help. 

“It’s hoped that these children will grow into adults who understand that they can confide in and look to us for help. It also helps to build a positive relationship in the community.”