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An Eventful Afternoon for the RGP’s Armed Response Unit


Members of the RGP’s Armed Response Unit had an eventful Friday afternoon and, for them, there was no early finish for the weekend.


At around 1225, they were deployed to the Glacis Estate to detain a local man who was reportedly shouting aggressively and wielding a crowbar against the door of a property.  The Armed Response Unit were fully authorised to use their Tasers against him if he threatened to use violence against anyone.  In the event, the Tasers proved not to be necessary because the man (33) saw reason and allowed himself to be arrested by unarmed officer from Response Team 3.  He was then taken to New Mole House where he was arrested on suspicion of Possession of Drugs and of violence offences.  However, whilst all this was taking place, the Armed Response officers received a tip-off from a member of the public and, as a result, they quickly left the Glacis Estate and made their way to the Landport car park.


In a vault leading off the car park, they discovered around 248 fuel containers – 101 partially full and 147 empty.  In total, about 2525 litres of fuel were recovered.  The containers were seized and, once transport had been arranged, they were moved safely to an Intermediate Bulk Container at the Marine Base.


But, before the Armed Response officers could help to move the fuel containers, they were again called into action – this time to Queensway Quay marina where they boarded a sailing boat which recently had been purchased from a broker by a new owner. While this new owner was carrying out repairs to the vessel, he found a 9mm pistol and two loaded magazines and, as a result, he called the RGP.


The firearm was seized by the Armed Response team, made safe, and locked in the New Mole House armoury.


Investigations are now being carried out on both the fuel containers and the pistol.


It had, indeed, been a busy Friday afternoon for the Armed Response team…