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Another Day, Another Fuel Seizure


A tip-off from a member of the public led to the Royal Gibraltar Police seizing plastic containers filled with £525 worth of fuel last night.

The incident happened after a passer-by noticed a strong smell of fuel coming from the old Motorcycle Club on Sir Herbert Miles Road.

Following the tip-off, uniformed officers from Response Team 1 arrived just before 10pm to search the building.

In total, they found 21 full fuel containers, filled with 525 litres of fuel, and 40 empty fuel containers.

Officers then seized the fuel containers

A spokesman for the RGP, said: “First of all, thanks to the member of the public for calling us regarding this stash of fuel containers.

“Storing fuel containers like this is highly dangerous and a risk to the public. 

“We ask members of the public who see a large quantity of these fuel containers to contact us anonymously.

“Not only is this helping us to tackle organised crime and the drug trafficking trade, but it’s helping to keep Gibraltar safe.”

The spokesman added that fuel containers like these pictured are often taken out to sea to refuel RHIBs (Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat) used by drug traffickers.

An investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with any information should contact the RGP on 200 72500 or 199 in an emergency – or report it online at