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Burglary, Assault and Civil Contingency Charges

On Tuesday evening, Officers responded to a report of a domestic violence incident at Ramilies House Varyl Begg Estate.  Upon arrival and on gaining entry into the residence Officers observed a female with facial injuries who made a report that she had been assaulted by 32 year old Riyen LEA of Royal Sovereign House. As a result of which LEA was arrested outside Ramilies House, on doing so he attempted to break free from officers pushing and kicking out, due to his aggressive demeanour captor spray was deployed and he was restrained with handcuffs. 

He was arrested for Common Assault, Resisting Police and Assault on Police and later charged with these offences.  He appeared in Magistrates’ Court yesterday morning and was bailed out with Court conditions in order to protect the victim.  


Yesterday evening as Officers were conducting a welfare check at Varyl Begg Estate, LEA was found to be in breach of the conditions imposed and was arrested for Breaching the conditions of his bail and for Leaving a place of residence without a valid purpose to do so, also breaching Civil Contingencies Regulations.  He was charged and detained overnight at NMH Police Station.


At around 1030pm last night, officers were patrolling Glacis Estate when they challenged 23 year old Nabil Medhurst El Habali of Laguna House, Laguna Estate who could not provide a valid reason for leaving his residence. He was also identified and arrested for the offence of Burglary which had occurred on the 24th February at a restaurant situated at Ocean Village, where cash and other property was stolen from within. He was interviewed and subsequently charged with two offences, Burglary and Leaving a place of residence without a valid purpose to do so. He was detained overnight at New Mole House Police Station.    

At 1145pm last night, Officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at a residence within Mid Harbours Estate, as a result of which 42 year old Ian McIntosh of Victoria House, Alameda Estate was arrested for breaching Civil Contingencies Regulations as he had no valid reason for being out of his residence and in a public place. He was charged with the offence of Leaving a place of residence without a valid purpose to do so and was bailed out in the sum of £200 in his own recognisance.

All three defendants will appear before the Magistrates’ Court today.