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***  "We can't be everywhere... but we can be anywhere"  ***

Calls to the Control Room


In response to a call to the RGP Control Room from a member of the public at around midnight last night (Tuesday), officers attended Ocean Village where they apprehended a 17-year-old juvenile and arrested him on suspicion of being in Breach of his Bail Conditions and of Going Equipped for Stealing.

Around two hours later, a security guard reported to the Control Room that a man was behaving suspiciously in the area of Portland House.  On their arrival, officers stopped a man (39) matching the guard’s description and discovered that the man was carrying various tools and items of clothing. As a result, he was promptly arrested on suspicion of Going Equipped for Stealing.  Later, he was also arrested on suspicion of Being in Possession of Class B and Class C drugs.

And then, just before 0300am, the Control Room received a call from a boat owner who said that he had caught someone trying to break into his boat in Marina Bay.  Again, officers deployed to the area in order to arrest the male (44) on suspicion of attempted Burglary.

An RGP spokesman said: "The RGP would like to thank the two members of the public and the security guard for their assistance. Last night, their prompt actions may have prevented several burglaries."