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Celebrating Halloween Safely


The Royal Gibraltar Police are urging trick-or-treaters to be respectful to others in the community tonight.


During Halloween celebrations, the message from the police is to: “Keep safe, think of others and have fun.”


Youngsters trick-or-treating and knocking on people’s doors can often frighten the elderly and vulnerable members of the community. 


It’s also important to remember that many pets are frightened by fireworks and loud noises. 


A spokesman for the RGP, said: “We want the community to enjoy a happy and safe Halloween.


“But it’s also important that people realise that this time of year can be stressful for the elderly, vulnerable people and those who live alone.


“With that in mind, we ask for people to be respectful when celebrating.”


Here are some helpful tips to help ensure your evening does not turn into a nightmare when trick-or-treating:


• Children should be accompanied by an adult.

• Remember road safety and wear bright clothing.

• Keep Halloween ‘tricks’ safe and respect people's property – do not let your children throw flour and eggs or cause damage.

• Be considerate to others - only go to the houses of people who you know, and who are happy for you to call round. Don't knock on stranger's doors.

• Don't call at houses that have 'no trick or treat' posters on show.

• Never be tempted to go inside someone's house if you don't know them.

• Although Halloween is meant to be spooky, be considerate and try not to frighten others.

• If having a Halloween party at home, let your neighbours know beforehand, so they won't be alarmed. 

• Between 11pm and 7am, keep the noise low.


To report antisocial behaviour call 200 72500 or report online at


Please only dial 199 in a genuine emergency.