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Chief Inspector Field promoted to Superintendent

Chief Inspector John Field has today been promoted to Superintendent. Mr Field joined the Royal Gibraltar Police on the 23rd March 1992. During the early part of his career he served within an Operational Response Team and later as a detective within the both the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Drugs Squad. As a Sergeant and Inspector, he completed tenures within Operational Response Teams, Neighbourhood Policing, CID, Drugs Squad, Training and also Professional Standards. At the time of his promotion to Chief Inspector he was deployed within the multi-agency Gibraltar Coordinating Centre for Criminal Intelligence and Drugs (GCID). In June 2018 he became the Chief Inspector with responsibilities for the Operations Division and in January 2020 he became the Detective Chief Inspector with responsibilities for the Crime and Protective Services Division. He will continue as the Superintendent in charge of the Crime and Protective Services Division. The Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger congratulated Mr Field upon his well deserved promotion to Superintendent.