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Commendations for all RGP Officers and Support Staff


The Commissioner of Police and his Command Team have officially commended the work of every RGP officer and every member of the civilian support staff for all their work during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, each person received their personal Commendation Certificate as they arrived for work.


In a signed letter which accompanies the certificate, the Commissioner thanks his staff for ‘everything you have done in policing Gibraltar and keeping people safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. These past 18 months have seen extraordinary efforts by you, other police officers and support staff and we are all extremely proud of the way you have performed your duties.’


‘We recognise that everyone’s experience has been different but it has been the collective efforts of everyone working for the Royal Gibraltar Police that have allowed us to be as successful as we have been.’


‘It is therefore with great pride and honour that I present to you this commendation on behalf of the command for your hard work during the Covid-19 pandemic that, sadly, saw so many Gibraltarians lose their lives.’


A copy of the commendation has been placed on each individual’s personal file.