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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Commendations for the Custody Team


Two RGP officers have been commended for their actions which may have saved a man’s life.

Sergeant Douglas Balloqui and Police Constable Mondir Benhakim were the on-duty Custody team when a local man was brought in, following his arrest on a drink driving offence.

As the two officers had immediate concerns as to the defendant’s medical condition, they summoned an ambulance and he was taken to St Bernard’s Hospital.  However, after a preliminary examination, the man had then refused all further treatment so he was returned to the Custody Suite at New Mole House.

Sgt Balloqui and PC Benhakim were still not satisfied with the defendant’s overall condition so they decided to keep him under constant observation.  In this way, they discovered that there were large quantities of blood in his urine so, again they called an ambulance and, despite his early refusals, they persuaded him to consent to a full check-up, including an MRI scan.

During these examinations, it was discovered that the man had serious internal injuries which were not immediately obvious, conditions which, if untreated, could have resulted in a life-threatening situation and possibly death.

In the opinion of Superintendent Nolan Romero, the two officers ‘showed great awareness and understanding of their role as a Custody Team.  Their critical risk assessment could have saved this man’s life.’