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Commissioner McGrail announces his retirement

Commissioner of Police Ian McGrail today announced his retirement after 36 years of service to the Royal Gibraltar Police, which has been accepted by His Excellency the Governor.

In his last address to the workforce, Mr McGrail said: “In nearly 36 years of service I have seen very many changes in the way we, the RGP, have provided policing for Gibraltar. From the analogue era to the digital and virtual world; from revolvers to semi-automatic weapons; from slow patrol boats to high speed interceptors; from patrolling sat on a wooden box in the patrol van to driving properly kitted out vehicles. I have also seen many changes in the way we investigate crime, the evolution of forensic science, more accountability of how we deal with suspects and more transparency in practically everything we do. “I suppose that most of the changes could be regarded as materialistic. Throughout these three and a half decades I have adapted to the changes, ensuring the purpose of why I joined the police service remained at the forefront of how I performed as a police officer.

“What certainly has not changed during all this time have been my ethics, morals and principles. They remain etched in my soul and have got me through thick and thin during my career. I have worn my uniform and badge with immense pride. It has been an honour and privilege to lead you men and women of such an exceptional organisation through very challenging periods. “I want to thank each and every one of you for the contribution you make to ensure Gibraltar remains the safe place that it is. Too often our work is taken for granted, but we do know that we certainly make a key difference. I wish you and your families and the RGP the very best for the future.”

Commissioner McGrail joined the police force in 1984, serving in frontline policing with the CID and Drug Squad. He was promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector in 2006, the youngest inspector at the time to achieve this. In 2009 he became Head of Professional Standards and Training and became Superintendent in 2012, commanding all three divisions of the organisation. He was appointed Designate Commissioner in December 2017 and then assumed command in 2018.

Mr McGrail obtained a Master of Science in Policing and Public Order Studies with the University of Leicester in 2004. He is also a graduate of the 230th Session of the FBI’s National Academy (2007) and UK College of Policing Strategic Command Course (2013).

The RGP family wishes Commissioner McGrail a very happy and fruitful retirement. Assistant Commissioner Richard Ullger will be performing the role of Commissioner in an interim capacity.