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Commissioner of Police presents annual staff awards

Today, the Commissioner of Police, Richard Ullger, presented two annual staff awards at a ceremony held in New Mole House Police Headquarters. 

The Gavin Clinton Constable of the Year Award 

The recipient of this year’s award is DC189 Johan Ward of the Force Intelligence Unit (FIU).  During a year when the FIU was tasked with a spectrum of work beyond that of previous years, DC Ward took it upon himself to maximise the value of various IT systems available in the intelligence community. He did this by working with other users of these systems and then sharing his new-found knowledge with other members of his team.  He also took it upon himself to train and mentor new members of the Unit.   

In addition, DC Ward is the RGP’s Football Liaison Officer which requires him to be the focal point for international football teams and their associated law enforcement agencies.  DC Ward has dedicated a substantial amount of time to a role which demands considerable research and organisational skill. 

The Support Staff Employee of the Year Award 

The award for this year’s Support Staff Employee has gone to Executive Officer (EO) Charlene Dewar-Ford of the Accounts Department at New Mole House.  In the last couple of years, two new systems have been introduced, one of which has proved to be ineffective. As a result, the Accounts Department was required to transfer 9 months of work back on to the previous system.  In addition, the pandemic made it necessary to extend the financial year and caused large numbers of travel and course cancellations.  

Throughout this difficult time, Charlene has demonstrated excellent skills of leadership and management.  She always gives 100% effort to her role – often outside normal working hours.  She is an employee who stands by the RGP’s Code of Ethics and its Competency Values Framework.  

Commissioner Richard Ullger said, ‘Clearly, this has been a difficult year during which many of my staff have performed over and beyond what might reasonably be expected 

of them.  It has therefore been really difficult to single out just two members of the team.  However, the two recipients are both well-deserving of their awards and I am delighted to recognise their contribution to the work of the RGP.’