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COP attends RGP School Forum


The Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger joined officers at Bayside School today to discuss issues affecting youngsters in Gibraltar.

Pupils were invited to the hour-long forum where they were encouraged to talk openly about a range of topics including anti-social behaviour, drug taking and personal safety. 

Officers from the RGP’s Neighbourhood Policing Team have held weekly talks in schools over the past few months – but this is the first time the Commissioner has attended.

It’s hoped the forums will help break down barriers between the police and younger generations, whilst getting feedback on a number of issues affecting Gibraltar’s youth.

One issue debated at length today by students aged 14 to 17 was how drugs affected youngsters, and whether they thought that decriminalising drugs would help society or not.

Richard Ullger, said: “I was very impressed by the maturity of the pupils and how they articulated themselves.

“We’ve got some good feedback and a lot of interesting ideas have been discussed.

“This is a useful way for the younger generation to meet our officers face to face and see that we are approachable and that we are keen to hear what they have to say.”

Sgt Calum Bruce, who chaired the meeting alongside PC Nicholas Ramagge and PC Tanya Reddy, added: “In our meetings with students, they have regularly made the point that they take their lead from the role models and adults around them and that their development is influenced by the attitudes they encounter. Therefore we, as adults, need to set the correct examples for them to follow.”

The RGP will be organising more forums with students of all ages and schools in the coming weeks.