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Dangerous Driver Banned for 12 Months


A local man who pleaded guilty to Dangerous Driving has been given a 12 month driving ban and 120 hours of unpaid work.


Liam REMORINO, 24, of Laguna Estate, was sentenced by the Magistrates’ Court on Monday afternoon.


His arrest came following an incident just before 2am on Thursday 17 June last year, when night shift officers observed his car driving erratically and at speed on Devils Tower Road.


Officers followed the vehicle into Laguna Estate and switched on their blue lights, but he continued to drive in a dangerous manner along Sortie Road, narrowly missing pedestrians.


After hitting a parked van, REMORINO lost control and collided head on with another parked vehicle, which in turn hit several parked vehicles outside Fearless House.


He continued to try to escape from the police and accelerated, before wedging his car between a police car and another vehicle.


REMORINO was then arrested on suspicion of a number of driving offences and was also found to have a 1 gram of cannabis resin in his possession.


After his arrest, he was taken to New Mole House Police Station where he was interviewed under caution.


At a later date, he was charged with Dangerous Driving, Failing to Stop and Possession of a Controlled Class B Drug, all of which he pleaded guilty to.


For Failing to Stop and Possession of a Controlled Class B Drug, he received no separate penalty.