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Dangerous Driving Incident - Juvenile Charged



A 17-year-old local male will appear before the Juvenile Court tomorrow after being arrested for a number of traffic offences early this morning.


At around 1am, a member of the public called the Royal Gibraltar Police’s Control Room to report that her mother had almost been hit by a Gibraltar plated vehicle on Devils Tower Road.


Shortly after, the Gibraltar Defence Police also contacted the RGP, stating that they had observed the same vehicle driving erratically and at a fast speed, swerving from side to side along Winston Churchill Avenue.


A GDP vehicle then pursued the vehicle, which then collided against a central reservation and roundabout on Devils Tower Road. The vehicle had extensive damage.


The juvenile was then taken out of the vehicle by GDP officers and arrested by RGP officers.


After being interviewed, the juvenile was charged with:


·         Aggravated Taking a Conveyance

·         Three Counts of Dangerous driving

·         Possession of a Controlled Class B Drug

·         Driving Whilst Under Age

·         Using a Motor Vehicle without Insurance

·         Failing to Provide a Specimen


The male will appear before the Juvenile Court tomorrow.