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Disruption of logistical support to drugs trafficking networks.

In the early hours of Friday 8th January, police Response Team officers deployed to the area of Camp Bay where they challenged a group of individuals who were in the process of refuelling a rigid-hull inflatable vessel (RHIB) of the type used in illicit drugs trafficking activity. As the vessel sailed out to sea, the individuals attempted to flee the scene on foot and in several vehicles, one of which was involved in a collision with a police patrol vehicle (no injuries sustained).

The ensuing vehicle and foot pursuits resulted in 5 local men and 2 Spanish nationals aged between 19 and 35, as well as a male 16yr old juvenile, being arrested for various offences including Obstructing Police, Dangerous Driving and breaches of Civil Contingencies Emergency (coronavirus) Regulations. One of the local men was arrested by Gibraltar Defence Police officers who had deployed in support of RGP officers. Two locally registered motor cars were seized and impounded in connection with this investigation.

During the subsequent investigation by RGP Drugs Squad officers, a locally registered van was located in the area of the Upper Town and also seized, after it was found to contain a 1000 litre industrial ‘IBC’ fuel container and a number of individual 22 litre fuel containers. Approximately 1,500 litres of marine fuel were recovered from within this vehicle. The investigation is ongoing and further arrests are not ruled out.

09/01/21 - At about 2145hrs on Saturday 9th January, in consequence of information received from HM Customs regarding suspected illicit drugs trafficking activity in the area of the East Side reclamation, police Response Team officers deployed to the area and arrested 2 local men aged 21 & 31 and 2 local male juveniles aged 15 & 17. All individuals were arrested on suspicion of being knowingly concerned in the importation of a controlled drug and offences under the Civil Contingencies Emergency (coronavirus) (Health Protection Measures) Regulations.

The investigation is ongoing.

Toyota Hi-Ace Motor-van with fuel containers seized in the Upper Town.1000 litre fuel container located within the rear of the Toyota Hi-Ace van22 litre fuel containers seizedThe Honda Accord motor car with a damaged windscreen following the collision with an RGP patrol vehicle.Peugeot motorcar seized.