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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Driving Ban For Multiple Driving Offences


A local man who committed a string of driving offences has been banned from the roads for 14 months and fined £600.


Norman POZO, 36, of Chilton Court, was sentenced at the Magistrates’ Court last Friday (28 June) after pleading guilty to Obstructing an Immigration Officer (£200 fine), Driving When Under the Influence of Drugs (£200 fine and 14 month driving ban), Dangerous Driving (£200) and a Breach of Bail Conditions (no action).


The court heard that just after 7pm on Sunday the 26th of November last year, POZO was in his white Audi A4 waiting to enter Gibraltar by the Spanish Policía Nacional post. 


Moments later, he accelerated at speed into Gibraltar past Borders and Coastguards officers.


The Royal Gibraltar Police were contacted and found POZO just after 7.30pm driving the wrong way on Hospital Hill onto Castle Road.


RGP officers activated their blue lights and sirens, but on seeing the officers, he made off at high speed.


At around 8.30pm, RGP officers located his abandoned car in the Laguna Estate and clamped it, whilst officers continued looking for him. An hour later, he handed himself in to HM Customs officers at the Frontier, before being arrested by RGP officers.


Whilst at New Mole House Police Station, POZO tested positive on a preliminary drugs test for Cocaine and Opiates. A blood test later confirmed the amount of cocaine in his blood exceeded the legal limit.


An RGP spokesman, said: “No matter how many times we say it, some people simply fail to understand that alcohol, drugs and driving do not mix.


“At best, you’ll get a driving ban and a fine. And at worst, you could kill someone.


“We don’t say this to be dramatic, we say it out of experience. Our message is simple, don’t get behind the wheel if you’re under the influence.”


If anyone has concerns about a person driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you can call the RGP in confidence on 200 72500 or 999 in emergencies.