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Female Safety Survey


Female Safety Survey


The RGP has today launched a survey in order to improve its understanding of the safety concerns of women and girls in our community.  Working in conjunction with its partners, the RGP will then aim to use the results of the survey to tackle these concerns. 


The survey can be found online at or via






It should take around 10 minutes to complete and all the answers will remain strictly anonymous.


The information provided by this survey will only be shared with the RGP’s relevant partner agencies.


An RGP spokesman said, “If women and girls have concerns about their personal safety, we’re keen to know more. We want to gather information about the places in which females feel unsafe so we can target our activities and put the emphasis back on the offender and not on those who feel at risk.


“The feedback from the survey will be useful to the Community Policing Team so that they can target locations and times where women and girls highlighted that they feel particularly unsafe, e.g. certain streets, venues etc.


“To do this effectively, we need more information to ensure we target the right people and places. We’re keen to hear the views and experiences of as many respondents as possible and we are grateful to everyone who completes the questionnaire.”