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Four Arrests for Driving Offences


Just before 8am on Saturday morning, officers spotted a car on Queensway, whose driver ignored a traffic sign. Officers put their blue lights on to stop the vehicle, but it then sped off through a red light and a pursuit ensued. Due to the dangerous nature of the driving, officers called off the chase for safety reasons. Later, they arrested a male, 16, on suspicion of:


• Contravening a Traffic Sign 

• Two counts of Failing to Stop

• Two counts of Dangerous Driving

• Disqualified due to Age 

• No Insurance 

• Taking a Vehicle without Consent


This arrest came just a day after a 13-year-old male juvenile was arrested in the early hours of Friday morning on suspicion of:


• Aggravated Vehicle Taking

• Dangerous Driving

• Failing to Stop

• Possession of Drugs 

• Breach of Bail

• No Insurance

• Disqualified due to Age 


Then just before midnight last night, night shift officers arrested a local 31-year-old man who was almost four times the drink drive limit.


Officers spotted the man’s vehicle driving erratically west along Devil’s Tower Road, stopping and starting and swerving from side to side. He was stopped by officers and blew 137ug on the roadside breath test, the legal limit being 35ug. 


Last but not least, at 230am on Saturday morning, a local woman, 25, was arrested near Ocean Heights on suspicion of Driving with Alcohol over the Limit, after she blew 67ug in a roadside test. 

All four will be appearing in court today.