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Four Driving Offences Dealt with in Court


A number of driving offences were dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court this morning. 


One man was disqualified from driving for nine months and fined £800 for Driving with Alcohol Concentration Over the Limit, whilst another man was fined £800 for Dangerous Driving. A local woman was fined £400 for a drink-driving offence whilst another woman was fined £200 for Careless Driving. 


In each case, the defendant pleaded guilty.


Drink Driving


As police officers were driving along Winston Churchill Avenue at around 3am on 1 January 2022, they observed a Mitsubishi car being driven by Javier LEDESMA MORENO, 34, of St Joseph’s Estate. The Mitsubishi was seen to collide with the railings adjacent to the Petroil filling station as the driver attempted to turn into Devils Tower Road.  


LEDESMA MORENO got out of his car to check it for damage and it was clear to officers that he was unsteady on his feet and, when they approached him, they could smell alcohol. In a roadside test, the driver blew 58ug – the legal limit is 35ug – so he was arrested on suspicion of Driving with Alcohol Concentration over the limit. 


In court this morning, he was disqualified from driving for nine months and fined £800.


Dangerous Driving (pictured)


Just after midnight on the morning of 7 December 2020, officers arrested Joseph HERNANDEZ, 31, of Laguna Estate, after observing him driving along Waterport Road at speed. They lost sight of him near the Coaling Island roundabout but, as they approached Ragged Staff, they saw HERNANDEZ’s car on the opposite side of the road. It had been in a head on collision with another vehicle after driving on the wrong side of the road as it approached Ragged Staff roundabout. HERNANDEZ was subsequently arrested on suspicion of Dangerous Driving and, in court today, he was fined £800.


Drink Driving


Just before 10pm on Friday 14 January this year, a concerned member of the public called the police Control Room stating they had seen a woman leave a city centre pub, before getting into a vehicle and driving off.


As a result of the call, the vehicle was stopped as it headed north along Winston Churchill Avenue by the frontier roundabout. On being spoken to, the driver, Michelle FARR, 52, of Moorish Castle Estate, told officers she had had “a couple of pints.” She then failed the roadside breath test, blowing 62ug.


In court this morning, she was fined £400. The court did not remove her driving licence due to a medical condition.


Careless Driving


At 0940am on Tuesday 25 May last year, witnesses watched as a local car reversed against the flow of traffic for around 20 metres on Tangier Views Lane, before colliding with a pedestrian.


The vehicle then continued reversing a further five metres after the collision. Witnesses attempted to alert the driver to the collision, as it appeared she was unaware she had hit someone. She then drove off. The injured pedestrian was taken to Saint Bernard’s Hospital with minor bruising.


A witness then contacted the RGP and the following day, Elizabeth IMOSSI, 23, of Scud Hill, attended New Mole House the following day and after being interviewed confirmed she did not know she had hit someone. 


In court today, IMOSSI was sentenced to a £200 fine for Careless Driving.