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Four Year Sentence for Man


A local man has been sentenced to four years in prison for his part in a 1.5 million armed robbery in Gibraltar.


Hamza MESMOUDI, 31, a resident of the Upper Town, was found guilty of Robbery and Conspiracy to Rob last April, but was sentenced at the Supreme Court this morning.


The sentence followed extensive police inquiries, the compilation of forensic and DNA evidence and international police cooperation.


He was initially arrested in June 2017, just days after the robbery at Southease, a tobacco warehouse in the New Harbours Industrial Estate.


During the robbery 1.5 million euros in cash were taken and staff had their hands bound behind their backs and tie wraps placed on their legs.


Following his arrest, MESMOUDI was taken to New Mole House where he was charged with Conspiracy to Rob and Robbery. He was later bailed by the court and then fled Gibraltar.


A European Arrest Warrant was issued by the Gibraltar Supreme Court, which saw him arrested by Policía Nacional on 24 October 2019 in Tarifa, Spain.


Then on 7 November 2019, Spanish officers handed him over to the RGP at the land border with Spain.


Last April, a two-week trial saw a jury return unanimous verdicts of guilty against MESMOUDI.


Prior to MESMOUDI’s sentencing, two others were imprisoned for their part in the heist.