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As a result of a complex Investment Fraud Investigation initiated by officers of the RGP’s Economic Crime Unit in March 2016 which involves 24 separate complainants, 25yrs old local man Keilan Charles PRESCOTT, has this evening been charged with 24 counts of Fraud by False Representation. He has also been charged with one count of Fraud by Abuse of Position in relation to a separate matter and a further count of Fraud by False Representation in respect of an another matter.

Prescott was initially arrested in May 2017 for some of the matters for which he has been charged today, but had been on Police bail whilst the investigation was being progressed. On surrendering to his bail this afternoon he was further arrested for the outstanding offences which had come to Police notice whilst on bail.

It is alleged that the total losses incurred amounts to over £135,000.

He has been granted bail and will be appearing before the Magistrates’ Court tomorrow morning.