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German national disqualified from driving


A German national was today disqualified from driving for 9 months and fined £400 for a drink driving offence.


In the Magistrates’ Court this morning, Mirco Lehr, 35, of Geslau, Bavaria, pleaded guilty to Driving a Motor Vehicle with Alcohol Concentration above the Prescribed Limit.


The court heard that at about 0130hrs on Saturday 11 May 2024, officers stopped a Spanish-registered car on Trafalgar Road for a minor traffic offence.


The officers noted the driver’s glazed eyes, slurred speech and the strong smell of alcohol.


The driver, Lehr, consented to taking a roadside breath test which gave a reading of 56ug – the legal limit is 35ug so he was arrested and taken to New Mole House.


On the evidential machine in the Custody Suite, Lehr then blew 58ug so he was then charged with the offence for which he appeared before the court.