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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Gold Medals for RGP Support Staff



Two of the stars of the Special Olympics Gibraltar got a welcome return to New Mole House Police Station today.


Gianni Ochello, who works as an assistant in our Stores, and Marvin Zammitt, who works in the Traffic Compound, joined the Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger to show off their collection of medals and talk about their experience.


Both lads were in the five-a-side football tournament and secured two victories against the Isle of Man and Algeciras – beating both teams 7-1.


Gianni, 22, who won a gold medal for football and scored four goals, said: “It was such a great feeling scoring all those goals. I was quite happy. We hope we made everyone proud.”


Marvin, 32, was the goalie in the football matches and won four gold medals and two silver medals in football, athletics and pétanque. He said: “I was so proud of myself and for representing Gibraltar.”


Commissioner Richard Ullger, added: “I would like to congratulate Marvin and Gianni for their superb efforts in the Special Olympic Games in Gibraltar over the last few days. Well done from everyone here at the Royal Gibraltar Police.”