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The inquest into the death of 68 year old Moroccan national Ali AZERKAN on Monday 20th November 2017, has concluded that he passed away due to the inhalation of smoke as a result of a house fire.

Mr AZERKAN passed away on the night of 1st to the 2nd September 2015 when his flat at City Mill Lane was engulfed in flames. When Fire Fighters arrived at the scene efforts by neighbours to extinguish the fire had proven ineffectual and as the flames took hold the building was evacuated.

Mr AZERKAN was found unresponsive within his residence and taken out of the building by Fire Fighters. Despite efforts at the scene and at the hospital to resuscitate him he was pronounced dead later that night.

Due to the large amount of smoke resulting from the fire residents were unable to return to their homes and were accommodated at New Mole House’s training wing that night.