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If You Are Booking a Holiday, do not Fall for a Fraud


Following a year of travel bans, quarantine, uncertainty and missed holidays, many of us are desperate to get away for a break, whether it’s a holiday in the sun or a weekend in the UK.


You may be taking the plunge and booking right now, or waiting cautiously until the travel situation becomes clearer.


Or you may be booking travel and accommodation for that face-to-face meeting you’ve yearned for every time you go on a video call.


But cybercriminals are busy thinking about holidays and travel too ... not taking them, but exploiting your desperation for a break, with fake websites, advertisements, emails, social media posts, texts and phone calls for holidays, flights, accommodation or pilgrimages that don’t exist.


To help you avoid disappointment and financial loss, the RGP recommends that you read the expert tips at