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Irate Drink Driver


Just before midnight last night, officers were called to a disturbance in the Moorish Castle Estate and, as they were seen to arrive, a local man prepared to leave the scene on his motorcycle.  He was twice told to stop and to park his motorcycle but, instead, he rode off.


Officers patrolling in the town centre were given details of the motorcycle and the man was stopped as he drove through Cathedral Square.  He smelled strongly of drink but, when told he was going to be arrested, he became irate and tried to leave the area.  When officers tried to put him in a patrol car, he was uncooperative and kicked out at officers so he was further arrested on suspicion of Resisting Arrest. 


Once at New Mole House, the man, 50, blew 53ug on the evidential breath test machine so he was arrested on suspicion of Driving with Alcohol Concentration over the Limit.


He now awaits his day in court.