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***  "We can't be everywhere... but we can be anywhere"  ***

It was a very wet night of policing…


Last night saw a large number of our officers deployed to police the Lincoln Red Imps V Copenhagen FC match at Victoria Stadium.

We’re happy to report that there were no public order incidents for our officers – apart from the torrential rain, or “Dane Rain,” as it was coined.

We also had Gibraltar Defence Police Officer Diani and Police Dog Hindi paw-trolling with us last night, who was busy making friends with the Danish fans.

In other news, it was PC Paul Davies’ last public event before he retires next month after 32 years of policing Gibraltar (he’s the one taking the selfie before our deployment).

What’s more, we had two officers from the Danish police patrolling with us, as there were almost 600 Copenhagen fans in town.

So, now that we’ve all dried out after the rain, here’s a few snaps of the event last night from a policing perspective…