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Launch of the RGP's 'Inspire' scheme


The Commissioner of Police has today launched a new scheme in which female RGP officers will be mentored by senior female officers from the Gloucestershire Constabulary. This voluntary scheme, named ‘Inspire’, aims to provide the women of the RGP with the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to achieve their professional and personal goals. Ultimately, it is hoped that more women will consider a full career in policing and that more women will be promoted to senior ranks within the RGP. On its first day, 16 female RGP officers have already signed up to the Inspire programme as well as several members of the RGP’s civilian support team and some GDP officers.


The launch ceremony was opened by Rob Priddy, an ex-Superintendent in Gloucestershire who, in the last two years, has delivered several leadership courses to RGP officers.

In his opening address, the Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger said, “Many of you will know how committed I have been to Women in Policing and how I have accepted that, in the past, the RGP has failed to give adequate support to the women in its ranks.

“However, the barriers that might have existed in the past will no longer be in anyone’s way.”

The Commissioner also expressed his gratitude to Chief Superintendent Jane Probert of Gloucestershire Constabulary for all her support and for coordinating the mentors on her staff.

The Chair of the RGP’s Women in Policing Forum, Sergeant Mary de Santos said, “Since its inception in March 2021, our Forum has made significant contributions to assist the RGP in developing a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce. This ‘Inspire’ mentoring initiative will provide women in the RGP with the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to achieve their full potential for the benefit of us all.”

In her address, Chief Superintendent Probert explained how, in her 27-year career, she had served in various specialist roles such as Firearms Officer and Roads Policing and how she was now the most senior police officer in Gloucester, a city with a population of over 160,000. For the past 10 years she has been the Chair of Women’s Initiative Network which supports female officers throughout the Gloucestershire Constabulary. Despite her very busy role, she still acts as a mentor for both male and female police officers as she feels such work is an essential part of officers’ Continuous Professional Development.

The Inspire scheme will now move forward with mentors and mentees meeting each other in at least six online sessions in which officers can discuss their careers, their aspirations and any difficulties they may be facing.

Also present at the launch were Superintendent Jenny Bristow and PC Tiffany Macedo-Dine from Devon and Cornwall Police who are also giving their advice and support to other work being carried out by the RGP’s Women in Policing Forum.