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Launch of Women in Policing network


The RGP’s ‘Women in Policing Network’ was launched yesterday when the Hon Samantha Sacramento, the Minister with responsibility for both Justice and Equality and the Commissioner of Police, Richard Ullger, addressed the first official forum for female police officers.


In his welcome, the Commissioner stressed that he wanted to change the culture of his organisation by making it more inclusive. He said that he was embarrassed by the RGP’s historical failures in this regard in the past, although he stressed that the RGP was now willing to learn from its previous mistakes.  He also drew everyone’s attention to the number of female officers amongst the UK’s top level of Command and said that he wanted to promote talented people to Command level in Gibraltar, no matter what their gender or ethnicity.


In her address, Minister Sacramento emphasised that a diverse workforce, in any organisation, would prove to be a better, more productive and more effective workforce.  So quite apart from making the business care for it, it should also be the moral and ethical goal. She said that this was all the more important in an organisation such as the RGP which should reflect the community that it serves.  In particular, she drew everyone's attention to the fact that the RGP has never had a female officer above the rank of Sergeant.


Sgt Patricia Gonzalez, the Chair of the new network said, ‘This first meeting was well attended and it contained a mix of backgrounds, experience, gender orientation and ethnicity.  There was a feeling that the RGP now has an environment in which female officers are valued. Our discussions focussed on Recruitment, Retention and Progression and we heard some excellent ideas and gained some really useful feedback. Everyone left the meeting on a high.’