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Local Couple Fined for Being Intoxicated While in Charge of a Child



A local couple have each been fined £200 after they pleaded guilty to a charge of being Intoxicated While in Charge of a Child.


At around 1800hrs on Sunday 26 March, officers received a call from an anonymous member of the public to the effect that a couple were drunk outside a bar on Waterport Road.  Between the couple was a baby in a pram.


When officers spoke individually to Rosie Richardson-Jones, 35, and Bradley Skeats, 42, they appeared intoxicated, to slur their words and to be unable to grasp the seriousness of their actions.  They were arrested after admitting that they had been drinking all afternoon.


The couple were detained overnight in Police custody and appeared before the Magistrates’ Court this morning.


The RGP’s Safeguarding Team and the Care Agency are working together to put a safeguarding plan in place for the nine month-old baby.