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Local Man Fined on Drugs Charges


A local man was fined £250 by the Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Thursday) after he pleaded guilty to various drugs charges.


At around 2230 on Thursday 22 June 2023, Jacob McWilliam, 21, was arrested after officers patrolling in the area of the children’s park at Alameda Gardens detected the smell of burning cannabis. 


As officers approached McWilliam and another person, the smell became stronger. 


When the two individuals were searched, officers seized a cup containing cannabis resin, three wrappers of an unknown white substance, a piece of cannabis resin and three unknown white pills.


McWilliam admitted to ownership of all the seized items and, at New Mole House, tests carried out in his presence showed that the wrappers contained amphetamines.


He was subsequently charged with:


Importing a Controlled Class B Drug (2.5g Cannabis)

Importing a Controlled Class C drug (three Alprazolam tablets)

Possession of a Class B Drug (2.5g Cannabis)

Possession of a Class B Drug (2.1g Cannabis)

Possession of a Class C Drug (three Alprazolam tablets)


In court, McWilliam pleaded guilty to all charges and was fined £250.