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Local Man Jailed after Assaulting his Partner


A local man who assaulted his partner has been jailed for eight weeks.


Ian McIntosh, 45, of the Alameda Estate, pleaded guilty to Common Assault and Disorderly Conduct while Intoxicated and was sentenced in the Magistrates’ Court yesterday.


The court heard that, on Sunday 5 February of this year, McIntosh was consuming large amounts of alcohol whilst in his partner’s flat.  At around 5.30pm, he began to scream at her and, when she screamed back, he struck her on the side of her neck.


A neighbour then called at him so he left the flat, allowing his partner to lock the door behind him.  He then began to shout, kick and bang on the door, causing his partner to fear for her safety. She then called for police assistance.


When officers arrived, it was clear to them that McIntosh was under the influence of alcohol.   Despite their requests to calm down, he shouted incoherently, in their faces and became aggressive. He was duly arrested and taken to New Mole House.


An RGP spokesman said, ‘Domestic Abuse is totally unacceptable in any shape of form. This type of crime has no place in our community.’


If you are a victim of domestic abuse or you know someone who is, please contact the RGP’s Domestic Abuse Team in the strictest of confidence on:


·         Phone: 20067001

·         Email:

·         Mobile/WhatsApp: 54086014