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Local man jailed for driving offences


In the Magistrates’ Court yesterday, 42 year-old Clive Guerrero of the Varyl Begg Estate was sentenced to nine weeks’ imprisonment and a 14 month disqualification from driving after pleading guilty to two counts of Dangerous Driving and one count of Failing to Stop after an Accident.


The court heard that, at around 0600hrs on Saturday 11 June 2022, a local man was crossing the Glacis Road zebra crossing near to the Ford dealership, when he was hit by Guerrero’s car which was travelling at high speed.


Having knocked the man to the ground, the car failed to stop and continued on its way towards Winston Churchill Avenue.  Although shaken, the victim was able to get to his feet and make his way home. He later attended St Bernard’s Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.


On that same day, at around 1815hrs, a woman was walking through the Varyl Begg estate when she witnessed a car being driven recklessly by Guerrero at around 80kph, without consideration for pedestrians or other drivers who were on the estate’s roads at that time.


At around 1940hrs on the same day, Guerrero was arrested and taken to New Mole House where he was charged with the three offences.