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Local Man Pleads Guilty to Drugs Offences


Local Man pleads Guilty to Drugs Offences


A local man has been sentenced to 16 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months and a £1000 fine after he pleaded guilty to various drugs offences in the Magistrates’ Court this week.


Jaivan Payas, 19, of the Moorish Castle Estate pleaded guilty to Driving a Motor Vehicle with Concentration of a Controlled Drug above the specified Limit, Importing a Class B Drug and Carrying an Offensive Weapon in a Public Place.


At around 0130 on Friday 9 September 2022, after observing Payas driving his motorcycle at speed along Line Wall Road, an RGP officer signalled him to stop and immediately detected the smell of cannabis.  Payas’ eyes were glazed and bloodshot. 


During a search of his person, Payas handed over a small piece of cannabis resin but another piece of the same substance was found in his cigarette packet.


A further search revealed a knuckle duster with an incorporated stun gun function, so Payas was further arrested on suspicion of Carrying an Offensive Weapon in a Public Place.


After Payas was taken to New Mole House, a drug wipe test returned a positive reading for cannabis so he was arrested on suspicion of Driving when under the Influence of Drugs and he also admitted that he had imported a controlled drug so he was further arrested on that count.


If anyone has concerns about a person driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they should call the RGP in confidence on 200 72500 or 199 in emergencies.