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Local Man sentenced for Burglaries


Local Man sentenced for Burglaries


In the Magistrates’ Court yesterday, a local man was sentenced to 40 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, after pleading Guilty to two counts of Burglary.


In the early hours of 30 December 2022, a man had forced entry into the Wembley Bar, causing over £1800-worth of damage to a rear door, its frame and its locks. Once inside, he broke into two gaming machines which were both empty of cash.


Officers responded and carried out a forensic examination of the gaming machines where DNA matching that of Ben BROWN (19) of Calpe Road was found.


At around 0300 on 4 January 2023, the same man forced entry into the Seawave restaurant in Catalan Bay where, again, he broke into two gaming machines.  On this occasion, he caused over £2000 of damage to the machines and stole around £480 from them.  He also stole £120 from the till.


Again, DNA found at the scene matched that of Ben BROWN.


He was later arrested and taken to New Mole House where he was charged with two counts of Burglary.


In court on Tuesday, BROWN was sentenced to 20 weeks’ imprisonment on each charge, to be served consecutively, ie 40 weeks in total.  The sentence was suspended for 12 months.